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Property Inspection – We offer inspections on a periodic basis based on an estensive checklist, or we will customize a program to meet your specific needs.

•For example, inside the home we will check for roof leaks, window leaks, broken seals on windows, breakage or security problems of doors and windows, lighting problems, air and heat adjustments/monitoring according to seasons, thermostat and alarm battery replacement, bug and rodent problems, running of water in sink traps, flushing of toilets, checking for plumbing leaks or problems, appliance monitoring and checking of hot water heaters.

•Outside, we will check for security problems, monitor landscaping, check mailbox, put delivered packages inside, pick up flyers, papers or small debris, and start your automobile if requested.

Document the visits and provide a report to property owner – Following each visit, a report will be logged to the client file and made available for the client to review upon logging into our website.  If any problems are noted, we will contact the client directly and work with the client to quickly resolve the problem.

Security Contactregular inspections to ensure security system is working properly.  Bedford FallsHome Services can be the local contact should the security alarm be triggered.

 Managing contractors and vendors housecleaning, Spring/Fall cleaning, maid service window washing, exterior pressure washing, gutter cleaning, pest control, indoor plant service,  landscape maintenance, laundry service.  Whether it’s your existing provider or one of our trusted service providers, we will ensure quality performance to your specifications.

Expense managementWe can manage your household expenses on your behalf and ensure timely payment of utility and normal operational invoices.

Managing household maintenance calendarWe will work with you to prepare a schedule for the maintenance of your home operating systems, i.e., HVAC, appliances, fireplace, weather stripping, gutters and downspouts, etc. to ensure proper working conditions and upkeep.

Managing designated projectsWe will engage service providers and manage any special project on your behalf, e.g., event planning, catering, packing and moving, painting of exterior or interior, renovations, repairs, etc.

 Home Repairs – Bedford Falls Home Services has an “on-call” handyman service available as needed.  Work estimates are provided for your review and approval prior to any work being done.

Automobile and/or Boat maintenanceWe will run your vehicles on a regular basis and take them in for their regular maintenance as needed.

Personal property inventoriesWe will work with you to create an inventory of furniture, artwork and any other personal assets, and assist in the care of the assets and upkeep of the inventory log.

Hurricane and Storm preparationBedford Falls Home Services will provide you with a copy of its Hurricane Preparedness Plan and will follow the protocol outlined in the plan protect your property to the extent possible in case of a hurricane or major storm event.

Arrival Preparation  – Prior to your arrival, your home and property will be given a full preparation cleaning and set-up.  This includes all beds made, linens prepared, furniture uncovered and set up, groceries purchased, refrigerator stocked.

Departure Preparation – After your departure, your home and property will be cleaned and closed up.  This includes cleaning out refrigerator,disposing of perishable items, removing, laundering and putting away linens, and covering and containing furniture.

Forward mail and packages based on client direction

 Airport Pick Up and Drop Off – We will arrange for you and/or your guests to be picked up from the local airport and taken to your destination, or picked up from your home and taken to the local airport.


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