Commercial Development

Commercial Development

As a General Contractor, Bedford Falls Builders is responsible for the overall coordination of a project. And we work hard to complete every project on time and within budget.

We have the skills, the experience, and the relationships to manage even the most difficult construction project. We seek to set the standard for General Contractors with respect to professionalism and effective project management. By self-performing most of the construction, including custom millwork, and using only loyal and dependable subcontractors that understand our motto, TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Bedford Falls works closely with your design team, or use our design partners to create your stunning restaurant with quality that runs throughout. We ensure that everything is finished to the highest standards to create a unique, memorable look that harmonizes throughout your restaurant.


Bedford Fall Builders works with owners, architects and designers to build the custom bar, that fits both form and function. Our bars are in hotels, lounges, taverns and restaurants and are made by our in-house craftsmen.   

Many of our clients request a custom home bar or ask us to modify a standard home bar to meet their specific needs. Whatever you envision, bring us your ideas, pictures and any other source material, and together we’ll create the custom home bar you’ve always wanted.


Office development is coming to the forefront of many business owners’ considerations. Modern office research shows that a well-designed office space enhances creativity and productivity. Bedford Falls is up to date with all modern storage and desk designs so contact us when planning an office refurbishment.


A hotel is not only judged by its guests on how clean it is, and how attractive it looks, they want to feel safe and comfortable. Design, furnishings, amenities and layout are very important. It is essential that a General Contractor have experience when working on a new hotel or doing a remodel.

Our team of project managers and designers have a wealth of experience planning hotels, designing layouts and know all aspects that need to be considered to make your hotel successful and profitable.

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